Meet our Horses

Our Horses

Girl riding pony

Pegasus (aka Tegs)

Pegasus, also known as Tegs, is a Welsh Section B Pony. He is 12 years old and loves to meet children, young adults and just about anyone. A really social pony!

Girl riding horse


Blossom is 8 years old and is a Welsh Cross Gypsy Cob.

Black Horse


Lexi is 12 and he is a Cob Cross. He competes in unaffiliated national competitions throughout the United Kingdom and has had years of training.

Pony in garden


This is our adorable Flash. He was our first ever foal to be born at Nallhead Studs Stables and is now 7 years old. He is a minature cob cross Shetland pony.

Horses on water


On the left is Teddy. He is 14 years old and a gypsy cob.

Girl on pony


Our beautiful Merrylegs is Flash's mother. She is 13 years old and is a minature Shetland pony.

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