Horse Riding Lessons

Our Lessons

Half Hour Riding Lesson
- £45

Whether you have years of riding experience under your belt or you are saddling up for the first time, a 30-minute session with one of our highly qualified instructors may be perfect for you or your child’s needs. 

Our instructors are accredited by the British Horse Society and have many years of experience as riders and trainers. 

We can be booked on most occasions with short notice and are happy to accommodate specific needs or requirements suitable for horse riding. 

One Hour Riding Lesson
- £70

For a more comprehensive horse riding lesson with one of our highly trained instructors, you can book a one-hour slot.

This will give you more than enough time to learn new skills and to let what you have learnt sink in more deeply than a shorter session. 

We have a range of horses at Nallhead Studs Stables, and subject to suitable availability, you may be able to choose which horse you learn with on the day. 

Pony Riding Lessons

Half Hour - £40
One Hour - £70

Enjoy a specialist pony riding lesson with one of our BHS-qualified instructors at Nallhead Studs Stables. 

Ponies are typically around 137cm tall and smaller than an average adult horse.

Pony lessons can be a great introduction to professional horse riding for children and younger adults.

Please note: the pupil’s body weight cannot exceed 14 stone to be considered for pony lessons due to health and safety reasons. 

For those with suitable experience, we also offer loan days with select horses at £20 per day.

To book any of these lessons or to hire a horse, please visit our booking page.